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About Mac and the family business.

Ritchie building and construction is a family owned business based in Inglewood Taranaki. Mac has been building for 8 years gaining a high level of experience in both Australia and the Taranaki region.

Although the business is young, the business growth has been steady creating a team of efficient, hardworking, trustworthy and knowable builders while teaching apprentices along the way.

As a family business we understand the exciting process of both building and renovating homes. We strive to meet all building requirements to a high standard, as we would expect when requiring these services. We hope you are satisfied and proud with your finished projects, as we would be.

Honesty & Hard Work

We endeavor to provide an honest and transparent hard-working service.

Excellence & Quality

We pride ourselves on producing excellence in everything we do.

Happiness & Enthusiasm

We want to be a pleasure to deal with and to have around.


Providing a professional supportive working environment for our team.

Competency, Reliability, Trustworthy

Trust us to build for you.