New Build Homes

We are experts in New Build Homes. We are here to make our clients dream home a reality.

Are you looking to build a new home in Inglewood, New Plymouth or the wider Taranaki region? Ritchie Building and Construction are the team to help your create your new home.
We are here to make the process easy whatever stage you are at. Below are the 5 steps we follow when starting a new build. Contact our team today no matter what stage you are at.

Step one

Do you have land?

If you are looking to build, we can help with finding land if you don't already have that sorted. We can put you in touch with various real estate agents that know whats available.

Step two

Do you have an architect/plans?

Although we don't supply plans we work with an efficient and knowable architect, they also do land surveying. We are also here to offer ideas and join any meetings if required.
Delaco - check them out

Step three

Have you had pre-approval or know your budget?

If we know your budget when can work with you to offer you options to fit within this.

Step four


Once we have the plans and land surveys we can quote a new build with competitive pricing. you just let us know if we are pricing the whole build including all subcontractors, or if you would like to use your own subcontractors. We will also need to work out time frames. Subcontractors to consider geotech and structural engineering, council fees, earthworks, windows/doors/wall and flooring finishes, kitchen, electrical, plumbing, drainage, external works.

Step five

Let us make your vision a reality

Ritchie building and construction hope to provide well communicated plan to create your dream home.